Erina Rulianti


Building human resource performance based on customer orientation is a corporate management that is very important nowdays to develop human resource management, where the programs adjusted the (1) stakeholders (2) market mechanism (3) keep up with the consumer behaviour and (4) sustainable benefit in the future. The development process of an organization at first was oriented on production, it means that every effort was sought according to the ability and the desire of the producers. But in the progress, the correlation between the supply and demand have not yield a very convincing result because the thing that the customer want sometimes different from what the producer want. Therefore, in the next stage on the measurement of human resource performance of a company that produce service or tangible product will improve their performance by keeping up with the fluctuation of the consumer demand chart.Therefore, it is shown that the human resource performance will be directed and focus on the production output, service or tangibe product, that consumers want. This is done by adjusting with the human resource ability through training, good communication between superiors and subordinates and all maximum efforts which were done by the shareholders will raise the company benefit. In the term of paying attention to customer preference, it will be done by distributing quetionnaires as the preference indicator.


Human Resources Management, Performance Management, and Customer.

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