ONE VILLAGE ONE PRODUCT (OVOP) -BASED RURAL DEVELOPMENT ANAGEMENT ON INTEGRATED RURAL PLANNING FRAMEWORK (Case Studies on Several Rural Areas of Ngajum and Wonosari Districs, Malang Regency, East Java Province)

Ayu Wahyuningtyas, Putri Anggun Sari, Dodit Ardiatma


The aim of this research are consist of identifying of potential and problem and analyzing the threat and opportunity on several rural areas of OVOP-based rural development in research area. The natural resources and local wishdom are the uniques feature of rural environment. The various feature on each rural area was made the rural development approach diverse. So that for rural development must be concern to mainstream the local reseources. Recently, the rural development from OVOP (One Village One Product) approach has been developed to mainstream the rural people rights. The research method is descriptive method which is analyzed by SWOT method and supported by charts, graphics, diagram, etc. The result of the research has shown the opportunity of is approach that was concerned to the various of local of natural resources so that it potentially to be a unique planning pattern on each areas. In addition, the threat of this approach was generally consist of environmental degradation and social conflict events.


SWOT, OVOP, rural, planning, development management

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