Akhmad Akromusyuhada, Mieke Yulastari


There is always questions from the citizens of a city or a regency about the implementation of the local government policy in the field of developing the infrastructure. The basic problem is that sometimes, they can only see the physical evidence of the development of it without considering the whole Project Quality Management process in its Project Cycle from the preliminary design process until the maintenance period. From the view of citizens, they consider a certain civil work as a failed one. Meanwhile, we must consider step by step process of all the stages of Project Cycle before we decide in which part it is failed. For this review, We‘d like to put The Project Quality Management for a Project Cycle in State-funded Civil Works in its place. The method we use in this research is quantity method. By this research, we wish that the relationship between the government and the citizens will be brighter in bridging the idea of good quality built State-funded Civil Works. We do this research by collecting datas about the construction failures in building the Statefunded Civil Works, analizing them, looking for the same activity literatures that explain about it in other cities or regencies, comparing them with previous datas, making the preliminary scenario of the conclusion, testing the method of the Project Quality Management on the datas we gathered, and dragging out the final conclusion. At the beginning of this research we found out there are so many rules and regulations that were violated during the whole process of Project Cycle on certain civil works. At the next step, the comparing data from the same activity literatures from other cities and regions are very rare to find, even almost never. It makes this analisys stagnant. When we do the preliminary conclusion, we produce only the flow of the truth of the facts. By doing this method, the things that cause the failure of the effective Project Quality Management for a Project Cycle can be minimized so that the State-funded Civil Works can be executed in more effective ways next time. We hope that the whole process of the Project Quality Management in doing The Project Cycle for The State-funded Civil Works can be implemented more effectively in the near future.


Project Cycle, Project Quality Management, Civil Work, State-Funded.

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