ANALYSIS OF RELIGIOUS AND ECONOMIC FACTORS TO SEX COMMERCIAL WORKERS (Case Study On Commercial Sex Workers In Localization Of Pemandangan)

Riana Puji Lestari


Low household economic conditions are often the main problem in the social life of the community. The gap in the workplace between men and women is also a complex issue. The location of this research is the localization of Pemandangan, the located in the village of Way Lunik, Panjang district, Bandar Lampung city. This study aims to find out how the economic and religious role in the life of the married sex workers in the Pemandangan. This type of research is qualitative research with snowball sampling technique by conducting interviews to eight sex workers who have husbands. The results of this study indicate that seven out of eight resource persons (87.5%) revealed that the main factor driving them into CSWs is the economic factor. And all the informants know and understand correctly if in any religious law does not justify a person become a prostitute as a job for any reason including to help the family economy.


religious and economic factors, commercial sex workers, household economy.

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