ANALYSIS OF DEVELOPMENT OF TOURISMAGAINST LABOR ABSORPTION INBANYUMAS REGENCY, CENTRAL JAVA (Case study the impact of the amount of accommodation, the number of tourists and the number of tourist destinations in Banyumas)

Agus Arijanto


Geographically, Banyumas regency is located in the southern region of Central Java province, rather close to SelamatMountain which makes this region has huge potential tourism potential. The tourism potential is expected to provide many the employment opportunities both in terms of tours are offered as well as supporting industries such as hotels and restaurants. This study was conducted to determine the influence of the tourism industry on employment inBanyumas. This study uses secondary data from the Central Statistics Bureau of Banyumas during the period the period 2008 to 2013 as well as the results of the survey to the tourist sites. Employment measured by the number of workers in the hotel and restaurant sector. Data tourism sector will be measured by the number of tourists, the number of tourist locations and the number of dwelling rooms. This tabulation analysis is used to describe the employment by the tourism sector. The results showed that the tourism sector continues to grow Banyumas regency. The are 13 existing tourism objects, it can be grouped into nature tourism and educational tourism. The number of visitors travel a much smaller level rating of the natural attractions but nevertheless the number of visitors increase in educational travel is significant. Tourism development impact on the employment impact in its development although employment growth was relatively lower than the increase in the number of visitors. Several types of travel are relatively the same as the waterfalls lead to the development low occupancy levels so that employment hospitality and restaurant sector is relatively low. The attraction type of education, there are also allegedly not absorb significant employment.


natural tourism, education, employment

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