Novianty Djafri


This study aims to improve the attitude of solidarity and awareness of the psychological condition of smart entrepreneurial society, creative and innovative thinking in expanding and gaining access. The approach used in this research is qualitative. This research is more emphasis on the disclosure of meaning and process with natural background as a source of direct data. The data analysis techniques used in this study are inductive, conceptualistic techniques in the sense of empirical information obtained, and built with concepts or propositions towards the development of a substantive theory. Data analysis consists of three activities that occur simultaneously, namely: data reduction, presentation data, and withdrawal. The result of the research shows that smart and independent entrepreneur is the achievement of human being as the manager in exerting the power in trying to be smart, creative in developing creative and innovative ideas for the improvement of human resources to be more self-sufficient at the level of the achievement of the opportunity of the prosperity of his life.


Entrepreneurial Management, Smart and Independent

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