Karmila Machmud, Nonny Basalama, RahmiAmaliah Rahim


English national examination is a big problem in Indonesia, every year there are students who have low scores or even fail in English national examination. Eventhough they have national examination preparation such as extra hours of learning, try out test and simulation of national examination but the result is still the same year by year. Therefore, this research was focused on designing teaching strategy for English national examination preparation for Senior High School students. This research aimed at gaining students‘ need in English national examination preparation then designing teaching strategy based on the result of need analysis. This research applied research and development (R&D) method by using semi-structured interview, document analysis, video recording and focus group discussions. The total numbers of participants were 23 students who have lowest score in English subject and 1 English teacher. Findings of need analysis revealed that students are lack of vocabularies, they want learning in group and during the preparation, they want discuss the questions which probably exist in English national examination. Based on need analysis of students, read, do, discuss and explain or called RDDE was designed as teaching strategy in this English national examination preparation. Teacher classified questions based on graduate competency standard in 2017, teacher gives example questions and divides students into several group, students read the questions, students identify, analyze and answer the questions and finally students who gets correct answer will explain it. In conclusion, by designing teaching strategy for English national examination through need analysis of students, they feel happy, relax and enjoy because the settings in the classroom is meet with their needs and wants, also it can save their time to prepare English national examination.


teaching strategy, need analysis, national examination preparation

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