Benjamin Bukit


This research aims to 1) to provide experience and direction in research activities, 2) to know the planning of education and training in Jakarta Provincial Human Resource Development Agency, 3) to know the implementation of Training and Education in Jakarta Provincial Human Resources Development Board 4) to know the evaluation of Training. This research uses descriptive approach, in order to obtain information and phenomena that occur in planning, implementation and evaluation of Training. The design of this research is further directed to exploratory research, aiming to deepen the object under study from the wider aspect. While data collection techniques include; 1) document analysis, 2) observation, 3) questionnaire 4) interview as supporter. The results of this study illustrate, 1) Training planning refers to the policy of planning and implementation of training in the Agency for Human Resource Development of the Provincial Government of Jakarta related to human resources, facilities and infrastructure, financing has been running well, 2) Training implementation supported widiaiswara competence, The number is still less compared to the activities undertaken, 3) evaluation Training to see aspects of knowledge, understanding, implementation and achievement of the results Training, foster motivation, improve work skills.


management, education and training

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