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This article discusses women position in society that Thomas Hardy portrays in his short story entitled The Withered Arm. This short story tells about two female character have closerelationship to the same man. The man comes from upper class. The first woman from lower class has a son of his, but they do not live together. Then, the second one is his new young wife. This short story takes rural area, Dorset as the setting of place where the society has intimate relationships and setting of time is in Victorian era. It applied feminism theory that focuses on male and female positions in society. Beauvoir (1949) considered that the male in French and Western societies defines what it means to be human and what it means to be female. The female becomes subordinate to the male. It applies qualitative analysis method. The text is analyzed relating to the female characters‘ position in society. Their positions make them get discrimination which society created. Thomas Hardy‘s short story will be analyzed on discrimination to female characters. The data shows that the two female characters are oppressed on their conditions. Although they do not get physical harassment, the oppression comes from social injustice that women do not get equal benefit and opportunities. Both of them survive to obtain what they need. These characters use their ways as the survivors because of unfair condition.


The Withered Arm, survivor, women oppression

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