Siyaswati Siyaswati, Dyah Rochmawati


The current study aimed to investigate the rhetorical structures employed in the students‘ research article abstracts. This qualitative study employed the five-move theory– IPMPrC structure (i.e. Introduction, Purpose, Method, Product, and Conclusion). which is especially designed to access the research article abstracts. In accordance with the principle aim of this current research, fifty abstracts of the research articles written by the students of Class of 2013 in the 2016/2017 academic year as one of the requirements for earning a bachelor‘s degree in English Language Education, were taken and constructed as the primary research corpora. The results indicated that all the five categories for authorial identity were found in the corpus since the student writers in general tended to play safe by including every move. In addition, the move ―product‖ and ―conclusion‖ are missing in a few abstracts. They are actually included in the ―structure move‖. There were the students‘ lengthy ―introduction‖ move and over brief ―product‖ move found in most abstracts. That indicated that the students tended to pay more attention to the informative role rather than the persuasive role of research article abstracts. It is also interesting to note that most of the abstracts contained the move of ―conclusion‖. It may reflect students‘ incomplete appropriation to disciplinary practices.


hetorical analysis, students‘ research article abstracts, IPMPrC structure

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