Setyo Prasiyanto Cahyono, Valentina Widya


This research paper unfolds how visual text book in the listening classroom enhance students listening skill. This research tries to analyze the use of visual text book in teaching listening as pedagogical tools from the multimodal discourse analysis (MDA) point of view. There were 26 students as the participants of this research and these students were in the second semester when they joined intermediate listening subject. In teaching intermediate listening, the lecturer used ―Impact Listening‖ text book written by Michael Rost and other additional materials such as the use of multimedia: video of situational conversation. Meanwhile, the method used to analyze this research was implementing classroom action research and systemic functional-multimodal discourse analysis (SF-MDA) approach proposed by (O‘Halloran, 2008) to analyze the text book and multimedia used. The result of this study shows that the use of visual text book helps the students answer the questions presented in the text book easily. They can predict the answer through the pictures which are displayed in the text book. Moreover, by adding multimedia, in term of situational conversation video in the listening classroom makes students to be more enthusiastic and learn intermediate listening more enjoyable. In so doing, it increases the students ability in listening.


advanced listening, multimedia, multimodality, pedagogical tools, visual

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