Nuris Lailatul Jannah, Ulfiana Vilia Wiyanto


Intercultural is an established and built relationship among different ethnics groups that occurs dynamically (Davchef & Leshkovska, 2013). Interculture is needed in many aspects, for example communication and education. In this paper, the focus is in education term since intercultural education is one of many aspects that needs to be implemented by teachers at school. Students need to know the information about culture because they will meet other cultures while studying, especially studying language and teachers will lead them to learn how to deal with such differences. The teacher can transfer the intercultural education through BSE (Buku Sekolah Elektronik). The study is conducted to investigate the representation of culture-related contents in BSE English textbooks from intercultural perspectives. A content analysis of these textbooks was conducted, using three broad aspects of culture, the ‗cultural dimensions‘, ‗cultural categories‘, and ‗cultural themes‘, as the evaluation framework. The design for this reseach will be qualitative. Also, we are going to interview some teachers to know their opinions about the books and the importance of intercultural aspects for students of High School. So, by looking at the content of BSE and the opinions of the teachers, it can be concluded that BSE for Senior High School should contain intercultural aspects in order to introduce students with the understanding about the diversity of the culture.


Intercultural, BSE, Students of High School

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