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Instructional Conversation has been defined as the genre of productive interactive verbal strategies used by educators to engage their learners in active thinking, negotiation of meaning and consequently learning. The aims of this study to find out whether or not instructional conversation method was significantly effective to improve the students in teaching reading to the eighth grade students at SMP Negeri 7 OKU. The writer used test to collecting the data. The writer used pre- experimental design. From the population, the total number of sample in this study was 34, and it was taken by using cluster random sampling. The students‘ mean score in pretest was 48.38 and students‘ mean score in post- test was 70.00. based on the distribution of students‘ score in pre-test and post-test instructional conversation method was effective to teach reading descriptive text to the eighth grade students at SMP Negeri 7 OKU because the students‘ score in post-test was better than pre-test. The minimum score in pretest was 25 and the maximum score was 75, while the minimum score in post-test was 50 and the maximum score was 95. If the value of Sig. (2-tailed) = 0,000 more than the significance level (α = 0,05). It means that there was significantly effective to teach reading descriptive text to the eight grade students of SMP Negeri 7 OKU by using instructional conversation method.


Instructional Conversation Method, Teaching Reading, Descriptive text

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