THE RELATION BETWEEN GRAMMAR MASTERY AND SPEAKING COMPETENCE (A Case Study on Master of Applied Linguistics Student of Diponegoro University)

Nabila Quway


There are some theories explained the students‘ grammar mastery which can provide a good impact to their speaking competence. When student‘s grammar mastery is good, i t ‘ s automatically speaking is also good, but there is some theories explained that the grammar mastery do not give a positive impact to their speaking competence. This research aimed to reveal whether there is a significant correlation between student‘s grammar mastery and their speaking competence. The study was conducted in Diponegoro University which used descriptive quantitative research design. The researcher used Pearson Product Moment to discovered r values of coeficient correlation. The result was discovered that most of students were fair in terms of English grammar mastery and speaking competence. In the end of the result of the calculation of r value indicated that student‘s English grammar mastery had low correlation in their speaking competence.


Grammar mastery, speaking competence, correlation

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