Gilang Fadhilia Arvianti, Atsani Wulansari


Translating comic is different from other different text. Most of the text that is used in the comic is dialogue or spoken language that usually can be found in the subtitle of the film. Analyzing the accurateness of the translation text can be analyzed by using Metafunction approach. In translating text into target text, not all meaning is transferring into target text. It can influence the message that is brought by the source text into target text. Although explicitly the meaning is transferring to target language, in Metafunction approach it can be analyzed that not all the meaning is transferred into target text. This becomes the reason of taking this case as an object of this research. The aims of this research are to know the meaning realization in ideational analysis approach. The method of this research uses descriptive qualitative since the data and the analysis are in the form of sentence and description. The data will be taken from Donald Duck‘s Comic and its translation version. The techniques that will be used in this research is content analysis. This research also applies crieterion-based sampling that is used only to get theoretically generalization. Since this research is hoped to give significant contribution to student of English Teaching and Learning in learning metafunction analysis, the function of this research is to explain impact of Metafunction shifting toward the equivalence of translation in target text. Thus this research not only can be learning material for analyzing metafunction in specific text, but also in learning translation.


Metafunction, Quality Assessment of Translation, Comic

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